We bring Class and Style to your special day

Your First Dance
Your First Dance is as special as your shared love, your style and your entire Wedding. Whatever you dance, it will live on Social Media for…. well probably 100’s of years. 
So let us help you make those future memories perfect! 

Weddings are a Family Celebration, so don’t forget Mom and Dad.

In A Rush?
We know. It happens.
So Don’t Despair,
We Are There! 
Just for you.

Wedding Package Prices

Classic Wedding Dance Package ~ $345
with an extra FREE lesson for The Bride and Her Dress
This is the package everyone is talking about and the package that has made us “San Jose’s Wedding Dance Experts”.

Bride In A Rush Package ~ $175
We’ll get you the dance you deserve in the time you have. Guaranteed.

Mother Son and Father Daughter Combo  Dance Package – At the end you will have a routine for Mom and another for Dad with the addition of our Classic Package, a total of 9 classes and for a $580 total. WOW!

Your Family memories last forever. So don’t forget Mom. Don’t forget Dad either.
Mother Son and Father Daughter dance package – total of 4 classes and at the end you will have a routine for Mom, and another for Dad. $275 ~ guaranteed

Wedding Dance Comparison

Brides In A Rush

For when you are just outta time
$ 175
  • Three Lessons
  • Simple Choreography

Classic Package

Our Guaranteed Package
$ 345
  • Five Lessons
  • Plus the Brides "Dress Rehearsal"
  • With a more sophisticated Choreography
  • All with a guarantee

Family Package

Because they are worth it, right?
$ 580
  • Our Classic Package
  • Plus a Dance for Mom
  • And a Dance for Dad
  • Total NINE Lessons, all with a guarantee
Best Value