Wedding Dance (don't leave your memories to chance)

Don’t leave your Wedding Dance memories to chance. We guarantee our product.
Here’s how we can help.

Don’t forget the most important people. Weddings are for The Family too!

We offer a FREE “Dress Rehearsal” so that you can practice your Wedding Dance in Your Dress. Can you really afford not to do this?

Give us a call to arrange a FREE Consultation where we’ll show you the entire process and explain how we guarantee our Wedding Packages. What’s to lose?

Social Dancing (because it's FUN)

While there are traditional “Ballroom” Dances, it’s a term that embraces just about all forms of Partner Dance. 
It’s Social. It’s Fun. It’s easy (yes, with Ian’s techniques it really is). And it’s for YOU.

Dances like Salsa, Swing, Bachata, Night Club, Hustle… they are all club dances that can be danced to a huge variety of music in just about any social setting. Get Started with us!

Which Dance Style? There are so many? Which one? The one that makes you feel good about yourself and feel happy. It’s THAT easy! C’mon on in for a consultation and we’ll explain more.

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